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Solution Insights: Fashion Wholesale Distributor Forecasting



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As fashion businesses look to expand into newer regions, they typically start operations with distributors in the region, which results in a different forecast processes for each brand, region, and distributor. These processes are often managed manually; leading to inaccurate forecasts and inadequate inventory levels.

To help our fashion customer resolve this challenge, attune developed a custom solution, which helped supply chain executives access a single source of information to forecast, and capture demand throughout the different stages of planning. Balaji Santhanam -  Industry Principal from attune Consulting will take you through the entire solution on how we helped the fashion company achieve:

  • A simple, robust and flexible forecasting application
  • Increased visibility on the total buy process to all stakeholders
  • Integration with existing supply planning systems and ERP for greater accuracy in demand planning
  • Elimination of manual processes with standardized set of processes 



Balaji Santhanam

Industry Principal, attune Consulting