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Solution Brief

Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution Interface

Streamline and mobilize quality management with ease. Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution is purpose-built for Fashion companies, centralizing all quality controlling processes into one single mobile solution.

Many fashion companies lack the control and visibility they need for successful quality management. Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution is designed to solve this problem by providing a mobile quality inspection solution that provides real-time visibility into quality control processes, including total transparency into the ticket assignment and monitoring of quality inspectors.

By reading this brief, you'll learn:

  • How to reduce wasted time and resources by leveraging a mobile solution to manage, allocate and keep track of quality audit assignments effectively.

  • Different ways to improve the efficiency of the taskforce by centralizing quality processes; to supply inspectors with the right information and ensure the data is available whenever they need it.

  • How to standardize processes by using on-site auditing methods to maintain integrity of information and ensure that the data collected and processes followed are consistent throughout the enterprise.