Sense and Respond: Designing the Fashion Supply Chains of the Future

React faster to demand fluctuations, and manage risks more effectively with end-to-end supply chain visibility across the globe

Supply chains have always pivoted on the capability to respond to consumer demand. However, never before has a supply chain felt the presence of the consumer so intensely. As the consumer’s voice continues to penetrate and change the retail landscape, brands and retailers must re-align their supply chain models to sense, respond, and accurately align supply with consumer demand.

Our whitepaper outlines the importance of a Sense and Respond Supply Chain Model, highlighting key areas such as :

You will be able to identify:

  • Challenges in today's Supply Chain Planning Model.

  • Trends shaping today's industry and how these dynamic shifts are leaving the traditional model vulnerable.

  • Attributes of a Sense and Respond Supply Chain Model, covering its infrastructure and fashion-specific algorithm.