Sense and Respond
Supply Chain

How to accurately align supply with consumer demand

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Learn how retailers can design supply chain models to accurately align with consumer demand amidst turbulent industry conditions.

In this on-demand webinar, Jack Keating, former Vice President of Supply Chain at Timberland, and Deborah Rose, Solutions Director at attune, will explain how a “sense and respond” model can help fashion companies achieve greater organizational and process flexibility to build an adaptive, demand responsive supply chain.

analysisinsights See how predictive analytics help supply chains respond to market changes more quickly than traditional supply chain models
RealTime Discover how adapting responsive, data-driven supply chains help fashion companies seize opportunities based on an accurate view of consumer demand 
Personal-Coloured Learn how real-time, instant and accurate visibility across the supply chain helps brands coordinate better to meet fickle consumer behaviour



Jack Keating

Former VP of Supply Chain at Timberland


Deborah Rose

Solutions Director

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