Digital Transformation in Fashion

with S/4HANA for Fashion & Vertical Business 

With the most number of active SAP Fashion projects and deep involvement of the S/4HANA Fashion product, attune is geared up to accelerate your S/4HANA Fashion journey; leveraging our SAP Certified Rapid Deployment Solution and proven methodology.

Continuous collaboration with SAP on S/4HANA Fashion

Close collaboration on the S/4HANA Fashion product’s development including continuous feedback based on validation testing.

Proven Methodology

Personalized approach to moving to S/4HANA Fashion by building a Reference Solution - a standardized S/4HANA Fashion Template - customized with your data to assess and validate the solution before implementation.

RDS for S/4HANA Fashion

Developed a RDS for S/4HANA Fashion, built for easy adoption with 60+ preconfigured processes and 3 add-on tools; covering up to 60% of a typical fashion company’s requirements.

End-to-End Services

End-to-end Implementation Services spanning from developing POCs/Roadmap to Project Management all the way through to Go-Live and Post-Deployment Managed Services.

65+ Global Fashion Implementations

Extensive knowledge and involvement in the SAP ecosystem, being involved in almost 70% of all current SAP Fashion projects with a clear understanding of fashion requirements.

Co-innovation partner of SAP Fashion

Deep partnership with SAP, working as the only SAP partner in the co-innovation of SAP Fashion Solution, the solution which led to the development of SAP S/4HANA Fashion, due to our exclusive focus on the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Our Customers

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SAP S/4HANA Fashion Demo & Discovery

Migrating to S/4HANA Fashion

Run a truly live business with SAP S/4HANA Fashion. Sign up for a first look at the platform
where we will walk you through a detailed demo of the S/4HANA for Fashion solution.

Explore the Business Value of S/4HANA Fashion

With the release of S/4HANA Fashion, business and IT leaders may have several questions on the new solution and it's impact on the overall business, infrastructure and IT landscape. 

As a close collaborator of the S/4HANA Fashion Product development, attune helps you address this and focus on how S/4HANA Fashion can provide value both from a business and IT perspective.

For a closer look at the capabilities of S/4HANA Fashion, sign up for 1:1 session.