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From Retail to Omni-channel:

Transitioning from SAP Retail to SAP Fashion Management

Most retailers know they need to do more to transform their businesses for the digital future, but they are burdened by legacy technology. For fashion companies on SAP Retail, this means shifting to an omni-channel platform that leverages all of the business’s inventories to service wholesale, online and retail customers.

As the co-innovation partner of SAP Fashion Management, this guide is exclusively for fashion companies on SAP Retail to:

  • Identify and understand the primary challenge omnichannel shoppers present to fashion companies on legacy systems

  • Explore ways fashion organizations can better manage consumer demand from all angles by upgrading to the new SAP Fashion Management platform

  • Learn about the key functionalities of SAP's new omni-channel platform and how to manage omni-channel orders with seamless order fulfillment and allocation methods