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SAP Managed Services: Finding the Right SAP Application Managed Services Partner for Fashion Businesses

Take a look at the emerging role of the IT department as a strategic partner to the business and the best practices to consider when selecting a Managed Services Vendor

You would agree that in an increasingly competitive market, continued support, maintenance and enhancements are vital to realizing the true value on SAP investments. These growing responsibilities often overwhelm organizations, which is why many companies today are seeking a partner to manage its SAP applications.

However, not all vendors are made the same. This guide is developed to help you understand and assist the process of finding the right Partner.

It will help you:

    • Identify key benchmarks for selecting a Managed Services provider

    • Discover new opportunities to reduce overheads and IT costs

    • Determine the scope of Managed Services ideal for your business 

    • Learn how to eliminate incurring costs of having more stock than needed in one channel or not enough inventory to meet consumer’s need