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Omni-channel Fashion Analytics
with SAP Customer Activity Repository


What is SAP CAR?

Retailers lose 6.5% of their revenues due to a lack of omnichannel readiness and siloed systems that hamper any effort to gain real-time inventory visibility or a single view of the customer. 

SAP Customer Activity Repository has been designed to address this by collecting all the transactional data previously spread over multiple independent applications and storing them in one single place to revolutionize the way brands engage with their customers. 

Real-time repository system

Collects, cleanses, and centralizes cross-channel customer, sales, and inventory related data in real time and prepares it for consumption by other applications. 

Advanced Analytics

Generates insights to prepare, plan, and develop promotions, assortments, and programs that boost market share and sales.

360° inventory visibility

Provides a single view to analyze how much is left of each item to react swiftly to changes in demand and have the right products in the right place to meet demand.

Single view of the customer

Offers a consolidated view of customers from all channels by combining data from POS, purchase transactions,  social networks and other sources.

6 Ways SAP CAR Optimizes Your Fashion Business

React quicker to demand

Analyze sales and inventory across channels on SAP HANA directly – without setting up business warehouses.

Simplify the IT landscape

Access one pool of data from various applications - reducing complexity, cutting costs, and eliminating data redundancy.

Understand multichannel business

Leverage a consolidated pool of POS data, customer transactions, sales information, and return transactions across channels in one place for better analysis.

Eliminate organizational siloes

Gain visibility to performance & analytics across organizational units, and base every plan and execution step on a common data foundation.

Reduce lost sales & OOS

Detect and visualize out-of shelf situations in the stores when they happen in real time and take immediate actions to prevent further lost sales.

Improve inventory visibility

Gain real-time views of inventory quantities across multiple channels to take action on opportunities that create the most profitable outcome.

Building Custom Analytics Leveraging SAP CAR

By collecting, cleansing, and centralizing all customer-related data across all channels in real time, SAP CAR makes data ready for consumption by other applications without the need for additional aggregation and transformation.

Applications for retail assortment planning, demand planning, replenishment, and markdown optimization can be configured to consume SAP Customer Activity Repository as their single source of truth. This helps brands to break free of their current operating siloes, and take advantage of a unified platform for all multichannel retail planning and analytic decision making.

As a result, you can create highly accurate demand and trend forecasts, access real-time inventory data, and offer customers a consistent, personalized brand experience across all channels. Here are a few examples of analytics retailers can gain with SAP CAR: 

Customer Engagement Intelligence

Make context-aware smart product recommendations in real-time.
Provide customers with a consistent, personalized brand experience across all channels and business models
Build loyalty with targeted and contextual promotions.
Learn from the recommendation history and consumer reaction for better conversion rates.
Support customer journey across channels from call center to the store by accessing same data.
Create customer segementation strategies or a customer interaction center backed by other applications such as SAP CRM, leveraging data from directly from SAP CAR.
Make pricing decisions with better efficiency.

Real-time Inventory View

Get a snapshot of your inventory and stock levels in near-real time and at any moment.
See how much is left of each item at all of your store locations, enabling real-time transparency and ad hoc interventions without waiting for the endless nightly inventory posting runs to be finalized.
Take advantage of the predictive functionality of SAP CAR, and prepare inventory and pricing strategies to meet the expected customer demand and expected financial results.
Provide access to sales associates to view inventory in other locations in case of stock-outs and have items shipped to the customer, - turning an out-of-stock situation into a sale.
Work with one data set across departments. This way, even if someone phones the call center to make a purchase, the service agent can check store inventories, reserve stock, and arrange for shipping to the customer.

Multichannel Sales Analysis

Understand what has sold by category, where it was sold and through which channel, and more.
Compare data on actuals against forecasts.
Work with suppliers and manufacturers to align replenishment based on sales by channel to fulfill orders quickly and avoid stock-outs.
Develop personalized promotions to sell complementary products that align with what customers have already purchased.
Create in-store promotions to send to customers’ mobile devices for just-in-time marketing.

Case Study: Brooks Brothers

The Brooks Brothers’ vision was to create a 360 degree view of the customer; enabling the brand to know and respond to its customers in real-time with a highly personalized approach.

A Customer Interaction Center with SAP CAR

We helped Brooks Brothers implement SAP CRM with a Customer Interaction Center, utilizing SAP Customer Activity as the master database.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Omni-channel visibility into transactions with instant access to view transactions done by a customers via any channels to resolve any issues that occur.
  • Consolidation of customer master records by combining and mapping multiple instances of the same customer across several retail systems.
  • One single view of the customer across all channels including feedback, purchase history, preferences and a record of all their interactions across the web, phone, retail stores and factory outlets.
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