attune Customer Success Stories

Helping Rockport find new level of comfort
with SAP Fashion Management

End-to-end implementation of SAP Fashion Management across
wholesale and retail to enable omni-channel success


SINGLE view of the customer and real-time customer insights

RAPID implementation leveraging attune Fashion Suite

GREATER insight into inventory availability across channels

UNIFIED digital and physical channels for one view of the brand


“ SAP Fashion Management brings powerful omni-channel capabilities to Rockport and we have been able to tap in to attune’s industry know how to deploy the solution in less time. SAP provides a strong foundation for our future growth while providing the flexibility to be nimble for a company such as Rockport and the industry it operates in. ”

Ram Reddy
CIO, The Rockport Group

Key Objectives


Implement a single-stack technology platform to scale and grow as the company does


Integrate wholesale, retail, and e-commerce channels and manage one vendor, one platform to build out the core foundation


Support projected growth plans and provide the ability to adapt to changing business needs

Project Highlights

To transform and modernize the company’s backend infrastructure, Rockport teamed up with attune to implement a suite of SAP solutions featuring Fashion Management Solution (FMS), Hybris and Customer Activity Repository (CAR) to unify its wholesale, retail and B2B channels. With the solutions in place, Rockport plans to aggressively grow the retail business, enter new markets such as China, and strengthen its presence in existing markets such as Japan and Korea.

The project was a major undertaking, which included a multi-phase 2 year global implementation plan - wholesale and retail implemented in parallel, followed by eCommerce. The implementation covered solutions such as SAP Fashion Management, SAP CAR, SAP HANA, SAP Merchandising and SAP Hybris.

TRANSFORMATION of two brands that formed a single organization

IMPLEMENT entirely new systems separate from the parent companies

MANAGE timeline to transition processes, technologies and resources

AMBITIOUS growth plans while fast tracking implementations

CONTINUOUS operation without any interruptions

SAP FMS product know-how & fashion industry expertise and knowledge

Integration and implementation of SAP FMS and SAP Hybris

Solution design across order-to-cash, procure-to-pay & ecommerce

Business Benefits

Rapid Deployment
Rapid implementation utilizing attune’s FMS accelerator – attune Fashion Suite™ with adaptable, global business processes to deliver a unified customer experience.


Real-time Processes
End-to-end, real-time processes based on a single global inventory foundation that will improve efficiency (powered by SAP HANA).


Omni-channel Order-Orchestration
Comprehensive solution to address Rockport’s highly specific requirements of the omni-channel fashion world including ability to orchestrate orders across channels.


Cross-channel Inventory Visibility
Single pool of inventory across retail, wholesale and ecommerce to drive better inventory utilization across channels/segments and to offer true endless aisle capabilities.


Single Master Data
One single system of reference, which boosts operational efficiencies, reduces maintenance costs and improves time savings due to elimination of complex integrations, maintenance of multiple systems, manual reconciliations and data entry requirements.
One View of the Customer
360° view of the customer that will feed personalized marketing and promotion efforts and provide purchase and preference history of Rockport’s customers.


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See first hand how SAP FMS can help your business forge ahead in the Omni-Channel fashion world. 

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