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attune Customer Success Stories

MAS Holdings: Achieving high levels of data
integration and synergy across business units

End-to-end implementation of a single SAP instance across
multiple subsidiaries of MAS Holdings for a best-in-class lean enterprise


ELIMINATION  of duplicate data entry across the value chain

HARMONIZED  processes in SAP for higher levels of synergy

GREATER   decision-making via availability to real time information

IMPROVED  governance, reporting, visibility and business risk management 

Key Objectives


Facilitate integration of MAS entities with the value chain, from customers, logistics providers and suppliers via end-to end, online, and real time integration of information and data


Increase ease-of-use and automation - enabling better control, reduction of costs and more effective time-saving processes


Leverage a single platform to enable both the management of MAS and all system users to drive operational excellence

Project Highlights

To transform and modernize the company’s infrastructure, MAS Holdings teamed up with attune to unify the operations of its SAP-mature business units into one, single SAP system. With the solution in place, MAS Holdings plans to evolve and grow, efficiently and profitably into a Best-in-Class, Innovative Lean Enterprise whilst providing a foundation for a single system for all MAS business entities.

The project was a major undertaking, which included a multi-phase 4 year global implementation. The magnitude, size and impact of a project this nature were vast, covering technologies such as SAP AFS 6.5, SAP BI, PLM, BPM, BObj, IP, .net, iOS and Android and development of over additional 400 objects .  

Alongside the attune team which consisted of 30+ members, there
 were over hundered of individuals who participated from different businesses -  as the implementation covered integration of individual processes, and building additional processes to cater to new customers and new business models - all in pursuit of achieving easier, seamless management across all business units.

SCOPE: Spanned across 8 countries

SIMPLIFICATION: Standardized processes across siloed operations

CUSTOMIZED: Integrated complex requirements of each business unit

SCALE: An ambitious implementation across 50 manufacturing facilities

SEAMLESS: Continuous operation without any interruptions

SAP AFS product know-how & fashion industry expertise and knowledge

Led the 1st SAP AFS – Manufacturing implementation in the world

The go-to SAP partner in the industry; called into project escalations by SAP

Business Benefits

Enhanced Scalability
Supports the strategic growth, expansion plans and different business models of MAS Holdings with reduction in time to implement new Company, Plant and new solutions in SAP AFS.


Improved Efficiencies
Easier processing of Sales & Order Management, Delivery, Shipment & Invoicing transactions through Electronic Data automation .


Accessibility to Data Anytime
Enables key system tasks to be performed remotely thorough mobility tools and facilitate faster responsiveness through analytics and near real-time information on any device.


Greater Governance
Enhances governance, reporting, business risk management and mitigation. Business procedures are executed, while adhering to common audit and governance requirements.

Improved Decision-making
Availability of real-time information on any device improves decision making in areas such as Forecast, Capacity, Sales, Cost, Delivery, Productivity and Supplier Performance.
Data Integration
Creates synergy among business units, facilitatating legal and management consolidation. Eliminates duplicate data entries, and time-intensive manual reconciliations.