state of fashion industry interview with MAS

The State of the Fashion Industry

Watch Jehan Mutaliph (Chief Digital Officer, MAS Holdings), speak about his insights and observations about the last twelve months and a look ahead on how MAS initializes its current priorities

state of Fashion industry

The State of the Fashion Industry

We spoke to Dr. Christoph Schröder (Global Vice President, Industry Business Unit Retail – SAP SE), who provided us with his insights and observations about the last twelve months and a look ahead. Watch the interview about the current state and future of the fashion industry below.

webinar:SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA Migration

SAP AFS to SAP S/4HANA Fashion Data Migration

For fashion companies running SAP Apparel and Footwear Solution, the move to S/4HANA Fashion brings substantial business value. There are certain fundamental data structure changes between AFS and S/4HANA, which makes S/4 more robust and vertically integrated, but at the same time throws up some challenges in migrating data.

article: attune Fashion Suite

attune Fashion Suite™: Real-Time Inventory Visibility

The S/4HANA fashion suite evolved from a collaborative initiative between SAP, attune and a few select customers and was rebuilt natively on the HANA platform to simplify processes and increase capabilities for wholesale, retail and manufacturing, centered on Real-Time Inventory Data.

E-guide:Faster Fashion: how to catch up with your custormers

Faster Fashion: How to Catch up with your Customers

Every element of fashion retail – from manufacturing to supply, marketing and sales – is geared towards overtaking today’s high speed consumers. This guide shows businesses how to build a solution that meets these objectives, accelerate ahead of customer demands, and firmly sets the fashion agenda online and in store

E-guide:tommorrow, the world: how to do Fashion Everywhere

Tomorrow, the world: how to do fashion everywhere

Style can transcend geographical, cultural and economic barriers – so how do fashion brands ensure their business network does the same? This guide show businesses how to overcome the challenges of international expansion by using technology to build an agile operational solution, which can be tailored to drive engagement in each market.

whitepaper:leveraging custormer sentiment to improve forecast accuracy

Leveraging Customer Sentiment to Improve Forecast Accuracy

Sentiment Analysis delves into social data by going beyond commonly used Social KPIs such as number of mentions and followers. It processes words on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to identify and understand consumer emotions and views towards brands or topics. Our whitepaper outlines how fashion businesses can use customer sentiment to anticipate outcomes, whether it is a new product introduction or a marketing campaign.

whitepaper:Responsive supply chains require process intergration

Responsive Supply Chains Require Process Integration

Fashion brands are now seeking the agility to better align their brand experience with consumer expectations, with the end-goal of matching fashion offerings with consumer preference in real-time. Our whitepaper explores how integrated processes can help transform your fashion brand into an adaptable global business while helping increase revenue, margin and efficiency.

E-guide;finding the right SAP Application managed services partner

Finding the Right SAP Application Managed Services Partner

SAP Application Managed Service Providers have emerged as a powerful partner for IT departments, helping them meet challenges head on with strategic expertise and skillful resources. However, not all Managed Services partners have the same capabilities, so choosing the right one is imperative.

xExecutive Summary: Demand driven S&OP

Demand Driven S&OP Drives Growth and Organizational Agility

Fashion & Lifestyle Companies are experiencing increased complexities in their value chains which strain the S&OP process, making planning increasingly difficult. Download our Executive Summary to find out how Fashion & Lifestyle companies can learn about the value of a Demand-Driven S&OP as well as the role of S&OP and how it benefits the supply chain.


Tightly Woven: How an Integrated Retail Strategy Generates Faster Fashion

Although most businesses operate manufacturing, supply chain and merchandising efficiently, they do so as separate units. This means they cannot seamlessly manage garments from design to promotion, through every channel – which is essential considering the speed and volume of garments being produced. Find out how optimizing retail processes by integrating with wholesale and retail can help.


Cloud Computing Improves Supply Chain Agility and Collaboration

Supply chain technology is migrating to the cloud. As retailers continue to be challenged to lower operating costs and increase operational efficiencies, cloud-based solutions and applications are emerging as an attractive alternative to traditional software deployments, and achieving broader adoption, while delivering remarkable results. Learn how cloud computing is optimizing Supply Chain Performance by improving visibility and speedier decision making.