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Rockport Finds New Comfort Zone with
SAP Fashion Management

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The Rockport Group Leverages SAP Fashion Management

The comfort-shoe company, The Rockport Group, is rolling out SAP Fashion Management and a suite of SAP solutions to bring IT into the modern era — and capture the modern Millennial shopper.

The newly created entity required a business transformation to harmonize and modernize its business processes across multiple channels.  With support from attune, Rockport Group rolled out SAP Fashion Management to manage its wholesale, retail functionality as well as SAP Hybris for B2B ecommerce operations. Included in the case study is Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Brian Minnix, SVP and General Manager – Americas, attune Consulting.

Rockport Recognized for Implementation of SAP Fashion Management and SAP Hybris

We are delighted to announce that The Rockport Group, following our nomination, was presented with the Live Insight Award at the SAP Retail Forum 2016. This award is a recognition of this truly transformative initiative by The Rockport Group.

The Rockport Group was formed in 2015 as a result of an alliance between Rockport and Drydock. The newly formed entity took on the challenge of implementing a single-stack technology platform – SAP Fashion Management together with SAP Hybris - to power the growth of the brand in a vertically integrated environment.

Rockport adopted two key strategies to ensure the success of this project:

Leveraged the attune Fashion Suite to Accelerate
Implementation of SAP FMS
The attune Fashion Suite™ is an accelerated, pre-configured SAP Fashion Management Solution that enables fashion companies to rapidly implement the omni-channel solution with proven industry best practices and faster time to value. Rockport utilized the attune Fashion Suite to expedite project success.

Supports an accelerated project approach for large enterprises and a templated approach for small to medium enterprises. Available both as a hosted and a subscription offering.

Reference Solution
Helps rapidly build out a Reference solution with leading practice demonstration processes and documentation; tailor made with your organizations business processes.

Proven Processes
Covers 80% business process coverage of a typical fashion company’s requirement and reduces 30-40% of a typical implementation effort.
Ensured Tight Integration between SAP Fashion Management
and SAP Hybris
By tightly integrating SAP Fashion Management and SAP Hybris, Rockport ensured that the fundamental elements needed for an omni-channel business was created. See how this helps achieve:
  • Global Inventory Control

    Get immediate inventory visibility across all channels including wholesale, retail, and e-commerce for unprecedented insight into merchandise globally, at any given time. Leverage this insight for inventory planning across all channels, and make sure customers get their favourite items, wherever and whenever they want it.

  • Sell and Service Customers Everywhere

    By combining order management with commerce, bridge sales and service to offer the best possible customer experience - empowering customers to view and manage their interaction with your brand all the way down the order line.

  • Store and E-commerce Connectivity

    Leverage one platform to plan and execute omni-channel strategies such as order orchestration, order allocation and returns management to deliver products on time - how, when, and where customers want them. Use both retail stores and DCs as fulfillment centers, enabling customers to purchase products online, and pick up or return to any store easily.

  • Single View of Important Data

    Get a single view of customers, products and orders across all channels by consolidating customer, inventory and other business data and keep up with the pace of change and digital disruption by offering better options and convenience to your customers.

  • Personalized Brand Experiences

    Consolidate customer data to provide contextual, personalized, and consistent experience across channels based on customer preferences, interactions, predictive analytics, and business rules - from a single business tool. React and respond immediately to trends, such as what’s selling right now, to optimize your omni-channel strategy - regardless of channel or touchpoint.

  • Real-time Analytics

    SAP Fashion Management runs on SAP HANA technology with in-memory processing capabilities, which allows applications to run analytics directly on transactional data to respond in real time. Combined with SAP Hybris, the integrated solution will help drive conversions and engage visitors with personalized messages, search results, promotions, recommendations, product reviews and more to deliver relevant and timely offers that shape the customer journey, from discovery to advocacy.

Meet FMS Expert from attune

View first hand of how your Wholesale, Retail and Ecommerce can function seamlessly to provide a great omni-channel experience to your customers.